We recently read an article from Hubspot on how product packaging influences buying decisions. They included a great infographic that sums up a lot of the reasons why we do, what we do. Check it out below!

Infographic: How Product Packaging Influences Buying Decisions

Our Thoughts

ThePaperWorker.com does an incredible job with this infographic on product packaging. The great thing about eye tracking studies are the subconscious consumer insights collected with our technology. We can measure different characteristics of the package design such as how color impacts the purchase decision and how different materials attract consumers at the shelf. Our baseline study is measuring your old package against your new package to understand what the significance of the new design. While eye tracking cannot measure the experience so much, we do use other sensory research methods to understand your customer's packaging and product desires. 

For more from this article: http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/product-packaging-influences-buying-decisions

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