Have you heard of the Dieline? It is the site for all things package design. Every month, they feature the top before and after package design launches. The B&A features are excellent pieces of content for our team to analyze and give you insights into how our company can help design firms with consumer research. We decided that we would create a post every month to feature a few of the top redesigns and give you our thoughts on the transformations. 

Mr. Clean - September 2015

From The Dieline

"The Mr. Clean redesign started with a new logo. Chase Design Agency created the logotype to reflect the strength, confidence and masculinity intrinsic in the brand. The consistent layout creates a strong brand block while the multi-color strategy promotes consumer trial of different variants."

Our Thoughts

The Chase Design Agency did a phenomenal job on this redesign with Mr. Clean. In our opinion, a consumer eye tracking study would show us more insights into how the font change grabs attention and how the multi-color theme affects purchasing decision. We love seeing historic brands like Mr. Clean continue to reinvent themselves for the future consumer. 



Dr. Bronner's - June 2015

From The Dieline

"Established in 1948, Dr. Bronner’s creates certified organic and fair trade soaps and personal care products. With unusual text-filled packaging encasing all-natural ingredients, Dr. Bonner's has gained popularity over the years in both the hippie/hipster community. The new logo and packaging maintains the company's well-known brand identity with minor changes."

Our Thoughts

Dr. Bronner's is a historic brand for the organic and fair trade community. We think it's interesting that they decided to go with a redesign after so many years. They did an incredible job at making a subtle change. Many times companies try to make too drastic of a change, and it alerts all the consumers and competitors at the shelf. We think eye tracking would give this brand a better indication of consumer attraction to their message all over the bottle. Eye tracking would also help their team understand the fixation duration of the organic and non-GMO label.


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