What is Package InSight?

Package InSight is a consumer behavior research agency focused on package design. PI uses eye tracking technology to capture millions of data points in minutes. PI helps companies discover subconscious consumer insights at the point of purchase. 

Why Package InSight?

Package InSight sends shoppers with our technology through a realistic shopping experience. You can measure the impact of your new packaging before it hits the shelves. PI works with you to test against your past designs and your competitors in order to increase your product's shelf presence and grow sales. PI is fast and affordable. 

Who uses Package InSight?

Package InSight works with consumer packaged good brands, design agencies, and packaging manufacturers. Companies like these are using PI research to discover the impact of new packaging early in the new product innovation process. 


Research Services

Package InSight offers a suite of research services that emphasize the importance of package design, including:

  • Consumer behavior research utilizing eye tracking and other bio-metric technologies
  • New product development, ideation, and innovation studies with a focus in understanding the next generation of consumers 
  • Rapid prototyping and design

The Process

Package InSight is dedicated to working with customers at their pace. The research process produces more actionable insights when used early in the new product design process. PI works with clients to design custom research studies to meet their needs. 

Study Types:

Shelf Impact

  •  Measure and better understand a product category
  • Test current packaging and alternative designs against a baseline design
  • Custom demographics to meet any need


  • Measure and better understand your materials and processes in packaging
  • Multi-Category competitor testing 

Academic Story

Dr. Andrew Hurley began working on a consumer focused, packaging research lab around six years ago at Clemson Univeristy's Packaging Science and Design Institute. He was able to develop a process that quantifies packaging and helps companies discover valuable consumer insights. Dr. Andrew Hurley is well known around the packaging industry for his published research and keynotes.


Case Studies 

Package InSight has worked with over 50 companies since Dr. Andrew Hurley started his research over 6 years ago. Currently, their are 4 case studies on the website with summaries of findings. Package InSight values customer's privacy, so a vast amount of the research is bound to non-disclosure agreements. 

“We can quantifiably tell you if that’s going to increase attention, increase shelf impact and in the end is it going to increase your sales"

- Dr. Andrew Hurley